Website Administration

Website Design, Management, and Administration

As a novice programmer, I have taken on the role of website design, management, and administration for 3 different sites. I have a strong interest in usability and user experience, and am combining that perspective with ever-increasing technical knowledge. I currently administer sites that work under the Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress platforms.

For each of these platforms, I have learned how to use the administrative tools and make changes to the design and functionality of the sites. I have more advanced design and administration experience with Drupal and WordPress.

I do not have the programming skills to build an advanced website from scratch, but I certainly have the expertise to communicate with programmers and web designers, and have experience working with html code, css styling, and using a content management system to alter the appearance of a website. I also understand enough about the backend of websites to effectively set up and use Google Analytics, and to create content inline with best SEO practices.

I have proven my ability to learn new platforms and dive into unfamiliar programming languages with the goal of making client experiences conducive to the business goals of a website.

Web Administration Skills:

Server side management, database setup, platform installation, maintenance, backups, SEO, Google Analytics, web building, content management systems instruction, liaison with web programmers, documentation, basic html, and basic css coding.

Websites I administer:


Drupal Website Screen Shot


Joomla Website Screen Shot


Wordpress Website Screen Shot

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