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The MPUB magazine project is an intensive, 8 week group project where we create fictional magazine enterprises with an online and print component, and then develop the magazine and have it vetted by industry experts. The magazine project is currently in process, but below are some details as of March 17, 2013.  Tether Magazine was created by myself, Natalie Hawrychkewich, MacKenzie Hamon, Kimberley Swetland, and Jelena Mickic.


Tether is a web-first events magazine in Vancouver that publishes new content daily. The events we feature are offbeat and affordable, like crafting workshops, independent art shows, and conversations about the city.  We also produce a monthly Tether Toolkit that features handcrafted print elements inspired by the online magazine. Through our passionate and authoritative voice, we give our readers all the information they need to explore their neighbourhoods (Commercial Drive, Mount Pleasant, Kitsilano, West End) in an affordable and offbeat way.


Tether is an online magazine that connects engaged, intellectual Vancouverites to the events that breathe life into their neighbourhoods. We speak in an alternative, witty, and earnest voice. Tether assembles unconventional events that enable readers to Explore, Move, Engage, and Workshop in Vancouver.  Every month, we deliver a truly unique print Toolkit handcrafted by our team that features highlighted material from our online content. Each month’s Toolkit is collectable and different from the last, and might include a small screen print from a local artist, a Tether map, or a downloadable album from an offbeat band.

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