PAVE Publishing

The MPUB book project is an intensive, 8 week group project where we create fictional publishing companies and then develop 4 titles to publish under our company. The work we did in this project was rigorously critiqued by panels of industry experts. PAVE Publishing was created by myself, Braden Alexander, KC Hutton, and Angelina Tagliafierro in the fall of 2013.

Mission: PAVE is the intersection between tradition and invention. We create a platform for emerging Canadian voices that speak to a generation engaged in social issues. These stories echo Canadian ideas of culture, community, and social responsibility. The four titles we created served this mission in different ways. The titles and their sales handles are below.

The Sh*t We Did When We Were Young

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Sarah Polley’s first book is a touching and surprisingly funny exploration of life’s longest and most complicated relationship – the one between brothers and sisters.

Co-op Culture: How Community is Making a Comeback

With 18 million co-op members in Canada discovering the simple brilliance of sharing, the resurgence of co-op culture is here.

Read Atwood When You Get Arrested: How to Punctuate Life’s Big Moments With The Best Canadian Books

Julie Wilson, the queen of literary voyeurism, assembles a panel of award–winning authors, poets, and editors to create the definitive guide for what to read when.

Will This Make Me Famous?

A stunning snapshot of the street art movement in Vancouver and the unsung artists who bring life to the city’s streets.

More detailed information about the books can be found in the .pdf below. This document was prepared for the final industry panel, and contains marketing plans, P&Ls, audience research, and additional promotional copy.

PUB 605-Final Presentation Booklet-PAVE

Shit We Did Cover

Cover image for The Shit We Did When We Were Young, Designed by KC Hutton

Co-op Culture Cover
Cover of Co-op Culture, Designed by Lauren Cheal

Read Atwood Cover
Cover of Read Atwood When You Get Arrested, Designed by Braden Alexander

Will This Make Me Famous Cover

Cover of Will This Make Me Famous? Designed by Angelina Tagliafierro