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I started at (Cult)ure Magazine in 2007 as a writer, and in 2009 I was made one of three co-editors. I now run the magazine along with a colleaugue, and we produce a loosely-themed monthly online issue with weekly content updates. The magazine focuses on arts and culture in Canada and beyond, and we work to spotlight local voices and stories. The magazine is based out of both Ottawa and Vancouver.

Writing for (Cult)ure

I have written pieces on a variety of subjects for (Cult)ure Magazine, but my favourite topics are Television, Technology, Cycling, and Pop Culture.


I have posted all of my articles on Television at The Ivory Couch, and a favourite article is:

The Best TV of 2011


The first article I wrote for (Cult)ure was Scrapped Technology, and it is still one of my favourites.


One thing I am passionate about is green commuting, and if you want to know more, check out my article:

Bike Commuters are Crazy Anarchists

Pop Culture

Dolly Parton is an American Treasure, and I wrote the following article documenting her work on the silver screen:

The Dollyography

I also know next to nothing about music, so I asked my sister to educate me. Our often-hilarious thoughts on all things music can be heard in our podcast:

The Pop (Cult)ure Music Popcast: The Beatles (Part 1)

Note: (Cult)ure has been on hiatus since September, 2012 due to educational commitments.

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