BC Bookworld Website Redesign

In January of 2013, the MPUB cohort undertook a large technology project for 5 weeks. Under the direction of our professor, Monique Sherret, we worked in three teams to undertake a major redesign of two websites run by Alan Twigg, a BC publishing journalist, historian, and author. The two websites we redesigned and rebranded were bcbookworld.com, and abcbookworld.com. We worked in three groups: Content, Design, and Technology. Our content group focused on how to organize very large amounts of information, and how to make it ready for an SEO environment online. Our Design group worked to create a unified brand for the two identities, and designed a beautiful web look for the new brand. I was part of the Technology group, which was responsible for bringing these two visions to life in a working website.

The Technology group (Lee Wyndham, Jaspring Xie, Kimberely Swetland, Angelina Tagliafierro, and myself) created a fully functional prototype site, which can be viewed at the link below. We used WordPress, and had a good deal of assistance from our professor, and a freelance web designer named Christine Rondeau. I was responsible for server administration, in addition to learning basic html coding, css styling, and some very basic php code as well.

BC Bookworld Prototype Website

Wordpress Website Screen Shot

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